6 Warning Smells That Indicate Your Car Is Not “Feeling” Well

6 Warning Smells That Indicate Your Car Is Not “Feeling” Well

How to Detect a Car Problem and Prevent the Need for a Wrecker Service

Although many people ignore the smells coming from their cars, understanding their meaning can help a lot, especially when there is a vehicle problem that needs to be urgently addressed. In order to help you solve your vehicle problems on time by understanding them and not feel the need for booking a wrecker service when you get stuck in the middle of the road while you are traveling, we have prepared a list with the main warning smells that your car may emit.

1. Rotten eggs. This smell can indicate a couple of problems: a poorly operating engine and a problem with the catalytic converter when it is not converting hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur properly.
2. Hot oil. This smell usually indicates that there is leaking oil onto the exhaust system. To verify where the leak comes from, look for oil on the pavement or smoke coming from the engine area. Make sure the engine is turned off before you make an attempt to checking for a leak.
3. Gasoline. This smell is likely to indicate a gas leak from the fuel tank or fuel injector. This is extremely hazardous, so you should stop your car right after you smell a similar odor.
4. Burning carpet. This is really a bad sign, indicating brake trouble. Make sure you get your brakes checked as soon as possible after you sense a similar smell. It may be very dangerous to drive a car with brake problems!
5. Sweet syrup. Although this smell is sweet, it is unfortunately an indication that your engine is leaking from a component which is related to the cooling system of your car.
6. Burnt rubber. This smell may indicate skipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses which may be rubbing against rotating accessory drive pulleys.

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