What Are the Benefits of Flatbed Towing?

What Are the Benefits of Flatbed Towing?

Our Towing & Roadside Assistance Specialists Recommend You Renting a Flatbed Tow Truck

There are different types of tow trucks you can choose from when you need a roadside assistance service. Usually, you are so stressed out from the fact that your vehicle is no longer running or that you have been involved in an accident that you do not think about the type of towing vehicle you rent. Keep in mind that this is quite important. Some towing & roadside assistance companies still work with hook and chain trucks which are not a good option. They can scratch your car while towing it, so if you are not taking it to the junkyard but to a repair shop, we advise you to consider a safer towing service provided with a flatbed truck.

  • A flatbed truck will lift your motor-vehicle from the ground and carefully place it on a flat surface. Unlike the traditional tow trucks, the flatbed ones will not leave the front wheels of your automobile hanging which is a huge benefit.
  • Another benefit is that in case the tow truck goes over a sharp incline, pothole, or speed bump, your bumper will not get scraped or damaged.
  • The risk of a transmission damage is also lower.
  • Flatbed tow trucks are more suitable for bigger automobiles and SUVs. Actually, all-wheel drive vehicles are recommended to use this type of tow truck when they need roadside assistance.

If you want to be prepared for all kinds of situations that require emergency roadside help, you should always have the contact number of a licensed towing & roadside assistance company. Premier Towing and Recovery is a good option for those of you located in Staten Island, NY. If you want to check out our service prices, we advise you to call our hotline (718) 878-5156 and get the answers you need!

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