Child Safety Errors Which May Lead to the Need for a Wrecker Service

Parents sometimes do mistakes when it comes to their child’s safety in a vehicle. Unfortunately, such mistakes can lead to really harmful injuries as well as the need for a wrecker service. In order to avoid such accidents, we have created this post in which our team has listed some of the main errors along with their solutions or means to avoid them.
Error: Moving a child too soon out of the booster seat.
Why is it wrong? The seat belts won’t properly protect a smaller person in a crash.

Error: The seat or straps are not tight enough.
Why is it wrong? If the car seats and straps aren’t tight enough, the seat will move and may not protect the body of your child.

Error: Turn the child forward-facing too soon.
Why is it wrong? Your children will be better protected in a car crash in rear-facing seats.

Error: Allowing a child under 13 to ride on the front seat.
Why is it wrong? Front seat belts are designed for larger bodies, and in a car crash, airbags can seriously injure growing bones.

Error: Using LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) restraint system incorrectly.
Why is it wrong? Using LATCH centered in the rear seat could cause it to work improperly.

Child Safety Errors Which May Lead to the Need for a Wrecker Service by

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