Tips and Advice When Driving

It would be worth your while to remember these tips each time you get behind the wheel of your car. They’ll keep your vehicle in good condition, make it more enjoyable to drive, and save you money
Avoid excessive revving when cold
Most engine wear happens when switching on a cold engine. In the winter months, let your vehicle warm up a few minutes by gently revving the engine. This allows lubrication to move through the engine. Once the temperature has risen to the normal operating zone, your car is ready to drive.
Driving smoothly
City traffic makes drivers perform what is called the stop-start motion, this is hard on cars. It wears the engine, clutch, transmission, tyres, brakes and uses more fuel. Try to use a smoother, steadier driving style, this will reduce the wear on the car, save fuel and benefit the environment.
Always park the car in gear
Make sure the handbrake is engaged, and the car is put in gear whenever you park. Automatic cars should always be put into the P position, and manuals in first or reverse. For extra safety when parking on a slope, turn your tires to the curb.
Keep an eye on gauges
When driving keep an eye on the oil pressure and water temperature, as these two monitor an engine’s cooling and lubrication system. Should these move to the critical zone at any time, or the warning light comes on, stop the car immediately and call your nearest local roadside service.

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